We love the holiday season in the Charlotte area, and we are sure you do as well. The delicious food, holiday traditions, cozy evenings by the fire and flowing drinks can make this a wonderful time of year for everyone. However, all of these joyous celebrations can be hard on your body. Running around trying to find the perfect present or staying up late trying to reconfigure that elf into yet another creative situation can cause your body to become rundown and you can easily become sick. Read on →

The answer to that question varies greatly. RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, can be a minor illness that causes a small cough and a fever, or it can progress all the way to a medical emergency in the form of respiratory distress. Severe RSV disproportionately affects young children and older adults, which is why it is important to keep a close eye on your loved ones when they are sick. Read on →

Believe it or not, we are already heading into the cold and flu season for 2023 and 2024. It seems like only yesterday we were talking about influenza and the flu vaccine! We are already starting to see a rise in cases across the country. Because of that, it is time to start talking about the flu vaccine! Getting your flu vaccine early in the season offers you the most comprehensive protection all year. Read on →

The cold and flu season is upon us once more, and we are gearing up for another season mixed with the flu, COVID-19 and other common illnesses like strep throat. Feeling sick is never fun, so finding the most accurate treatment for your illness is crucial to feeling better faster! Unfortunately, many of the common illnesses share symptoms so it can be hard to tell on your own. That’s where AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road comes into play! Read on →

The seasons are changing, and there is a lot to look forward to about this time of year. Football, holidays and time spent with friends and family can all make this season one to remember. One part of the fall and winter that isn’t so pleasant is the rise in illnesses. Colds, the flu and strep throat are more common during the colder months, and we also expect a rise in COVID-19 cases like we have seen in the last few years. Read on →

Back-to-school season is in full swing once more, and we hope you are finding the right balance in the chaos of homework, sports, activities and your own work. We also hope that you have avoided the first round of illnesses that have swept through the school already. We all know that this time of year is common for kids to get sick from viruses, stomach bugs or other infections. One of the most common symptoms associated with these types of illnesses is a fever. Read on →

Everyone has been sick at least once in their lives, and it can be a really frustrating experience when you wake up feeling less than your best. While many illnesses have telltale symptoms and you can receive a diagnosis quickly after a physical exam, others may take a bit more investigative work to diagnose. That’s where our amazing team and our resources come into play! We have a variety of diagnostic tools at our disposal to help us pinpoint what is causing you pain or causing your unpleasant symptoms. Read on →

We are so glad you asked. Even just thinking about quitting is a step in the right direction. Addictive habits can be really hard to break, especially if yours has been a part of your life for years or even decades. However, it is possible if you stick your mind to it and focus your efforts on getting healthier. Smoking is bad for your health in every way, and it impacts your body daily. Read on →

Just like any other illness, contracting an STD is frustrating and can make you feel pretty uncomfortable or sick for a while. While many other illnesses like colds and the flu will eventually fade away, STDs can linger and cause serious health concerns for you now and later in life. If you are concerned that you have an STD, getting tested right away gives you the best chance of avoiding a severe infection. Read on →

We are right in the heart of the summer here in Charlotte, and we are glad for it! The sunny days, warm temperatures and family memories make summer a hard season to beat. One downfall of the season, though, is all of the bugs and creepy crawlies that come out. The ticks are out in abundance this year, so you need to stay vigilant! Ticks can be found at any time of year in North Carolina, but they are more prevalent from spring to early fall. Read on →