Our team is the best in the area when it comes to diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses. We start with a full visual examination, and we can run blood tests and rapid tests to figure out what is wrong or what is causing you pain. In addition to these tests, we can take an X-ray of the area of concern using our state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology. Digital X-rays can help us diagnose fractures and conditions like pneumonia faster and more accurately. Read on →

Taking care of your body and mind takes work, but it might just be the most important work that you ever do. Taking care of yourself throughout your life can help reduce your risk of certain diseases and can help you live a fuller, longer life. This includes focusing on every aspect of your body, including your brain! You rely on your brain to help you accomplish virtually everything, so taking care of it should be at the forefront of your mind. Read on →

Cancer is a scary situation, no matter what type you are diagnosed with. While some forms can be treated more easily than others, it is still a stressful situation for all involved. This is certainly true when it comes to skin cancer. Anyone can develop skin cancer, and it can appear on any part of your body, so it is important to be aware of any skin changes and act quickly after a new discovery. Read on →

Infections can be caused by many different kinds of viruses and bacteria, and each infection comes with its own symptoms and unpleasant reactions. Salmonella infections are no different! In the case of salmonella infections, your body has been infected with salmonella bacteria that have been introduced into your intestinal tract. Salmonella is a type of food poisoning that you can experience when you consume contaminated food or water. This type of infection shares similar symptoms with common stomach bugs, so it can be hard to know what you are suffering from on your own. Read on →

The temperatures are rising, and the trees are blooming! There’s no doubt about it, spring is finally here. While many of us are happily packing away our winter clothes and planning for a season of fun, those with seasonal allergies are most likely feeling a little differently at this time of year. Seasonal allergy symptoms can be a big annoyance! We all want to enjoy the spring weather, but that can be hard to do when you can’t stop sneezing or your eyes are so itchy that you can’t appreciate the blooming colors around you. Read on →

As we move through our days, it is common to occasionally feel some aches and pains or a twinge from time to time. A fleeting ache doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong, but if you are experiencing lingering or worsening pain, it should be checked out. When it comes to your ears, you need to be on the lookout for ear infections! While ear pain can be caused by other things, like allergies or changes in elevation, it can also indicate the beginning of an infection. Read on →

We are grateful that our patients and community rolled with all of the ups and downs over the last few years during the pandemic. We are lucky to serve such great people. The pandemic’s emergency status is set to expire in May, and with that, a variety of changes will be coming for the healthcare industry. The availability of telemedicine and virtual visits will be impacted, but have no fear—an in-person visit at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road will always be here. Read on →

Any healthcare provider will tell you how important sleep is! No matter your age, you need quality, undisturbed sleep every night in order to maintain good health. Nightly sleep allows your immune system to function more efficiently, and it can even reduce your risk of certain diseases. Check out our AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road team’s blog all about the importance of sleep below. How Much Sleep Is Recommended? It depends on how old you are! Read on →

One of the most common symptoms of a bronchitis infection is a hacking or productive cough. Since a cough is a common symptom associated with many different types of illness, though, it is important to receive a proper diagnosis so you can treat your symptoms. Bronchitis and pneumonia can both cause similar symptoms in your body, including a cough. Check out our AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road team’s latest blog all about bronchitis and pneumonia below! Read on →

As the seasons change, it can bring about many different emotions. While some of us love the chilly air and winter weather, others dread the arrival of the colder months. It can be common to experience an increased feeling of loneliness or sadness during this time of year. Occasional episodes of sadness aren’t usually something to worry about, but if your mood and symptoms start to affect your daily life or cause symptoms of depression, you may have seasonal affective disorder. Read on →